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by Scott Austin May 10, 2012

Disclaimer – I am not associated with products / services that I discuss on this blog.  I’m not getting paid/compensated in any way.  It’s just me sharing my opinion.

These days, I've found a number of conference call / web conference solutions that work quite well and operate under a freemiummodel.  There are no shortages of solutions here.  I'm actually amazed that there are so many options out there.  Can this many competitors last for long?

Here's a quick overview of  the couple I have used:


Free (ad funded) for up to 200 attendees.  Paid levels for no ads or more people.

You get a call in number that you can use at any time.  So I use this as my phone conference solution.  You have a number with two codes associated with it.  One code is the presenter and the other is the attendees.  Calls do not have to be scheduled.  All that needs to happen is someone needs to enter the presenter code.

Web tools for sharing your screen with others.  Only the host needs to download software.

You can use phone or VOIP for audio.

I've used it for small meetings.  Have not done a broader webinar with it.


With Hangouts, you can have video/audio conferencing online and share your desktop.  Pretty quick and easy to use with people that are in your circles.

One of the drawbacks that I have found with some of these solutions is that you can't call into them from Google Voice. Here's some more reviews that go into the other options:

Scott Austin
Scott Austin