Elance Review

by Scott Austin May 03, 2012

Disclaimer – I am not associated with products / services that I discuss on this blog.  I’m not getting paid/compensated in any way.  It’s just me sharing my opinion.

I've talked in the past about some of the crowdsourcing sites that I've used like Fiverrand 99Designs.  Well, this week I got to use Elancefor the first time.  Elance has tens of thousands contractors from around the world.  Skills covered include web devs, programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketers, consultants, etc.

With Elance, you post a job.  Mine was the creation of a few pages to be used to land and convert people from SEM campaigns.  I needed three pages and had a pretty concrete idea on what I wanted (I might have even pointed to another site's existing pages and asked that my contractor copy them).

I had the ability to post my job for all of the contractors on Elance to respond to and to invite specific contractors to bid on the job.  I used both routes.  I found the top rated web devs in the United States and invited them.  I also allowed anyone to view the project.  I choose to invite the US only for two reasons for this project.  First is that I wanted this work as quickly as possible.  I didn't want the delays that an 8 to 10 hour time difference can bring in.  Second, with my experiences with Fiverr and 99Designs, I've had some real difficulties with language barriers.  For my first project with Elance, I did not want language to be an issue.

Within a day, I got ten or so bids for project.  Some people asked clarifying questions before submitting their bid.  Then I choose which contractor to assign the job.  I determined who to use based on their reviews and previous work on Elance.  The site makes that information easy to find and review.

I had to put the money for the project into escrow with Elance.  I assume they do this so that the contractor has the confidence that they will get paid.

My contractor got the pages and all of the associated files back to me in a day or so.  The work was great.  I had a couple of little things that needed to be changed which the contractor took care of immediately.

So my first experience with Elance was extremely good.  I found a high-quality contractor for a relatively small fee that worked very quickly.  I'll definitely use them again.  Comparing Elance to Fiverr is like comparing a 2012 Mercedes to a 1968 VW bug.  The contractors on Elance are much more capable.  They cost more too but are still a great deal.

Scott Austin
Scott Austin