Elance Review Update

by Scott Austin June 24, 2012

In the past, I've reviewed Elance.  And similar services that I've used like Fiverr and 99Designs. Today, I wanted to provide an updated review on Elance.  I currently have two more projects going on with Elance.  One is for articles for a blog I'm starting.  The other is for a logo on another website.  I'll provide some details on both.


I posted a job for content creation.  Elance made it easy because they provided a content template.

I got 27 proposals back from 5 different continents.  Prices varied greatly.  From $10 to $100 per article.  I was impressed by the number of people that have a background in the home improvement space.  My assumption is that the lower prices will yield poorer quality results.  But being a fan of the Lean Startup methodology, I wanted to test my assumptions.  So I picked two contractors to do a couple of articles each.  One contractor is in India; the other the US.

The contractor in India supplied me three articles, each 1000 words.  I ran the content through CopyScapewhich verified that it was original.  But you can tell they are not written by an American and a US audience may get confused by some of the expressions.  If I was just trying to churn out content for quick SEO impact, the articles would be fine.  But I'm trying to build quality content for the long term and the articles won't cut it.

The US contractor was very flaky with poor communication.  So I ended up getting no work done by them.


I posted a request for a simple logo for a website that I am creating.  I got 24 proposals from 5 different continents.  Prices varied from $45 to $300.  I went with a low-cost ($50) company out of India.  I picked this company because they have done 1,300 jobs on eLance and have 97% recommendation rate from their customers.

The experience was great.  Within a day or two, they had 9 different mock ups.  I picked the best one and asked for it in a variety of different color combinations.  They quickly gave me six different color choices.  Once I decided one, they gave the logo in just about every file format.

So my summary of Elance now that I've done four jobs.  I would definitely use them again.  There are a ton of contractors looking to be hired.  But you need to manage the project and set clear expectations.
Scott Austin
Scott Austin