Social is the network

by Scott Austin June 28, 2012

We all know that social is the current future of the internet.  Every new service and all existing services are working on including social with their offering.  We know at my company that social will be a key aspect of our offering.  So, we're ensuring that all employees are up to speed on social.  How do we that?  Here's a few things.
  • We have a new employee checklist.  Part of the checklist includes social tasks.  Things like, create/have a Pinterest account.  Then create 5 boards on Pinterest that are related to our industry.  Then fill those boards with photos from our offerings.  Then share those boards out through your social channels.
  • Everyone is part of our community efforts.  We all engage and contribute on our community tools.
  • We ensure that we all connect with one another through all of the various social services.
  • Retweet, Like, +1.  They are part of our daily routines.
  • We encourage team members having blogs.  We'll host it for them for free (that's how this blog is hosted).  We set up network install of WordPress so it's real easy for us to add a new blog.
Now some folks don't want to mix their personal lives with their professional lives.  We're fine with that and respect our team members privacy.  We just ask that they create a new account for their professional identity.
Scott Austin
Scott Austin